Stavanger og Rogaland Myntklubb

Stavanger og Rogaland Myntklubb was established in 1974 and is one of the major numismatic clubs in Norway.
We are located in the South-West of Norway (Stavanger-region).

Our members collects Norwegian as well as foreign coins, tokens, scrips, currency and banknotes.  We conduct two major auctions every Year, in addition to our regular monthly club auctions.
We have a very good social environment, with some 25-30 members in almost every meeting. 

We count 80-90 members, and as a registrered member You will become part of a well organized and dynamic coinclub.
We would like to welcome YOU as our new member!

We frequently attend auctions, coin fairs and shows in Norway and abroad.

Club activity:

Club meetings with auctions will be held on the following Tuesdays in 2023, and the door opens at 6 pm.

Spring schedule:                  
Autumn schedule:

January       3th                      
September 5th
February     7th                      October 3th
March          7th                      November 7th 
April           18t                    December 5th

Our meeting place is Fogdahuset, Skippergaten 5A, 4327 Sandnes.  

Annual membership fee is NOK 300,- for adults, NOK 50,- for kids/youngsters up to 18 years of age.

For membership, questions or further information, send us an email:

We are always looking for collectibles, and if You have auction consignments,
please send an email.